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“The photograph featured here documents the installation of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s influential 1966 exhibition, Systemic Painting. Curator Lawrence Alloway stands to the right overseeing the hanging of Neil Williams’s Sartorial Habits of Billy Bo(1966) in the High Gallery. To the right of Williams’s painting, Frank Stella’s Wolfeboro IV(1966) leans up against the wall waiting to be hung.” (Lawrence Alloway installing Systemic Painting, 1966: Exhibition files: 189: Systemic Painting. A0003. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Archives, New York) [Guggenheim]

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Today’s the 10 year anniversary of the collapse of New Hampshire’s Old Man of the Mountain.  Remember this icon with our New Hampshire Token necklaces.  The front an back of this authentic token feature the image of the iconic Old Man.

This weekend, well donate 15% of our Etsy Store sales to the Old Man of the Mountain Legacy Fund.  

Almost time to celebrate mom…  What will you be doing for her this year?

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And heres the finished product! We listed the Multicolored Bib Necklace today in our Etsy store! Bight & colorful, perfect for spring and summer!! Every bead in our Multicolored Bib Necklace is handmade by us from pages and pages of recycled magazines and is completely one-of-a-kind!